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Honda B18C-GSR Head, P72 Casting

CNC Ported Heads

Stock Intake and Exhaust Ports:

After cnc porting:

Precision CNC Porting in our Rottler 5 axis CNC Porting Machine:

Service Includes:
Precision CNC Porting Customer Supplied Cylinder Head.

Applications include:
Honda B18C-GSR Head, P72 Casting

* This service does NOT include Head Casting, Disassembly or Assembly, Precision Multi-Angle Valve Job, or Resurfacing. This is for the Porting Service Only. All other machine work is extra charge.

* Please note, It's not uncommon to see certain parts of the ports that are not machined. This is because with most of our port designs we try to keep port velocity to a maximum, It's not always about how big the port is, or maximum flow numbers. This almost always helps with low to midrange HP and Torque numbers without sacrificing top end. Contact Info
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