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The new Rottler H85
Rottler H85A CNC Diamond Hone honing a Subaru block,

Our New Rottler CNC Programmable Power Stroke Automatic Honing Machine HP6A

The HP6A is the first automated cylinder honing machine capable of operating under two automatic program modes.

Automatic Stone Feed Out - By setting the number of strokes per feed in conjunction with the total amount to be removed, the operator can hone a cylinder completely unattended. The feed rate can be adjusted anytime during the honing process. Automatic Load Sensing - By setting the desired load pressure in conjunction with the total amount to be removed cylinders can be honed to size accurately, without the need for operator attendance. An industry first! In addition, under high speed automatic operation the machine adjusts to a desirable speed to properly finish the cylinder just before stopping. Enter the load into the computer and the machine automatically maintains this value while it finishes the cylinder.

Hone perfect identical bores in the automatic cycle mode. The machine will straighten tapered an out of round bore conditions automatically(unattended).

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